The naked eye 3D experience

Alioscopy is a French company building glasses-free 3D screens. The 3D effect is naturally and immediately noticeable. It amazes, attracts and grasps the attention of the public. Out-of-Home communication can now benefit from the striking impact of 3D digital signage, whether used for advertising, marketing or special events. Professional imaging also takes advantage of 3D whenever visualization of complex images is involved. Alioscopy® 3D screens open new opportunities in many markets and industries.

Professional Application


Point of sales, food stores, car dealerships
Public places: airports, railway & subway stations
Company lobby, company events, Trade shows, company showroom
Tourist centers (3D map)


Sport, music and leisure events
Amusement parks
Discotheques, clubs & bars
Cinemas lobbies
Gaming halls & casinos


Universities, colleges and schools
Training centres
R&D laboratories

3D Visualisations

Design and prototyping (CAD)Applications
Architecture & Interior design
Urban planning – Civil Engineering
Medical imaging : Surgery, Clinical diagnostic
Military : Satellite Image analysis, Simulations
Serious gaming: industrial, medical, military simulations & training

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