Adooh icon 2015 32x32adooh Counter

Adooh counter is a simple mix of tally counter ,chronometer and GPS tracker that will convert your smartphone and tablet to a exceptional counting device

adooh counter tally counters
Define your own counting session type (simple count, people, cars…).
adooh Counter contains other cool features :  a time stamp to know when occurrence happens, a chronometer to measure its dura
tion and a GPS to log where the event takes place. Share your work by converting all the data in a csv format.

Digital Signage

Adooh icon 2015 48x48 adooh Player

adooh Player lite is a simple digital signage player enabling a centralized scheduling of rich media content (flv,, mp4, html and url, youtube , jpg, png, streaming live videos, IP Cameras).
The player displays additional widgets such as logos, clock, rss tickers.
adooh player for android transforms your android tablet to a simple multimedia slideshow player for out-of-home and point of sales communication.
Integrated location and audience based triggering and scheduling engine.
Manage your targeted multimedia channel on multiple devices in just few clicks from your computer.
IMPORTANT ! : adooh manager is required to manage your adooh player.

Adooh icon 2015 48x48 adooh Manager

Administrate your adooh platform.
Manage your adooh player network
          . real-time supervision of your own network
          . campaign scheduling
          . dashboard and charts
          . content management: upload and preview of media
          . layout and widget management
          . edit your interactive rules